Fertility Aware provides a range of personalised fertility health awareness packages for women and couples. We offer a modern, effective and completely natural approach to fertility and promote the benefits of fertility awareness to individuals and couples.


Fertility Aware teaches four modern, safe and effective fertility awareness methods that have been developed and tested by doctors.

These methods are based on learning your body’s natural signs of fertility, learning to observe your natural pattern and interpret what it means.

Knowing when you’re fertile empowers you to work with your body’s natural cycle to avoid pregnancy or start your family when the time is right

Our primary services are based on your unique situation:

Our methods are designed for women to use throughout all stages of life.

Learning fertility awareness means creating cycle charts that help you understand your natural symptoms and accurately predict when your next period is due.

When trying to achieve pregnancy, our consultants will work with you to pinpoint your most fertile days. Cycle charts can reveal that something is going wrong. When this happens a specially trained doctor will guide you through testing, diagnosis and treatment.

Our methods can also be used to reliably avoid pregnancy and have been shown to be as effective as the contraceptive pill, when used properly. Understanding how to interpret your natural symptoms and avoid intercourse on fertile days means you can avoid pregnancy naturally.

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