“Now that I’m a mum I know my baby’s health depends on me.  Understanding the changes in my body and how to interpret the natural signs of returning fertility means I can plan my family without any hormonal intervention.”

We can help…

Pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding are profound events and mark the beginning of a new direction for you and your partner.

Each mother’s body is different and the natural cycle takes time to return to how it was before.

Not long after birth, your health care provider will likely ask you “what contraception are you using?”

Fertility Aware offers an alternative to hormonal contraception that is 100% natural, highly effective and free of side effects – for baby and mum.

Fertility awareness means learning to understand the natural symptoms that are your body’s way of telling you your fertility is returning after the natural infertility during pregnancy and shortly after birth. Using this information empowers couples to avoid or delay pregnancy naturally.

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